Digium G.729 Codec License for use with Asterisk, 1 Concurrent Call

Producător: Digium
Cod produs: DI8G729CODEC
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 51,23 RON
Fără TVA: 43,05 RON
Descriere:Digium's software G.729 codec utilizes the power of the host system's CPU to perform media transformations. Therefore, the transcoding capacity, in terms of simultaneous channels/transcodes, is determined by the performance of the host server. Digium's internal testing indicates that 60 concurrent G.729 calls/transcodes require a system equivalent to a dual Intel Xeon at 1.8GHz. Further testing indicates that 80 concurrent G.729 calls/transcodes require something equivalent to a dual Intel Xeon at 2.8GHz.

Multiple versions of G.729 are defined according to industry standards. Asterisk and Digium's G.729 implementation support G.729 Annex A (a.k.a. G.729a).


Digium's G.729 Codec for Asterisk is licensed on a per-channel basis. A channel is defined as a single connection from an endpoint to an Asterisk application, or a bi-directional call between two endpoints attached to Asterisk. Customers may use the licensed G.729 Codec in conjunction with Asterisk and any combination of Digium telephony interface boards.

Supported Configurations

The G.729 codec is supported by the Digium technical support organization for use on Linux x86 and x86_64 environments.
Garantie :12 Luni