UPS 2200VA, 2U rackmount SmartOnline 220

Producător: Tripp Lite
Cod produs: TLSUINT2200LCD2U
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 5.436,41 RON
Fără TVA: 4.568,41 RON
The SUINT2200LCD2U SmartOnline® 2200VA/1980W On-Line Double-Conversion UPS converts AC input to DC power, and then converts DC to fully regulated sine wave AC output with +/-2% voltage regulation in online and battery modes. ENERGY STAR certification saves you money by meeting strict EPA guidelines. An interactive front-panel LCD interface provides detailed real-time UPS status and advanced setup and configuration options.

In case of AC power outage, the internal batteries support 11.7 minutes of runtime at half load and 4.3 minutes at full load. Extended runtime is possible with optional external battery packs. “Smart” battery packs, such as Tripp Lite’s BP48V27-2US, are automatically sensed and configured during replacement. An intelligent battery management system extends battery life.

Managing the UPS is simplified through the interactive front-panel LCD interface, which displays operating conditions and diagnostic data, such as load and battery levels. You can set power strategies to reflect your protection priorities, whether it’s precise power quality for sensitive systems or the highest possible electrical efficiency, all while ensuring 100% uptime for your systems.

Power is filtered to protect connected equipment against surges and EMI/RFI line noise that can damage equipment or destroy data. Adding an optional Tripp Lite network management accessory card permits remote management of the UPS, including reboots and activity logs.
Protects Mission-Critical Rack-Mounted Equipment
Converts AC input to DC power, then DC to fully regulated sine wave AC output
+/-2% voltage regulation in online and battery modes
Selectable 200/208/220/230/240V output voltage
2200VA/1980W capacity
1 C19 and 8 C13 outlets
936-joule surge suppression rating

Interactive Front-Panel LCD
Reports detailed status information, including load and battery levels
Offers advanced configuration options, including output voltage and power strategies

5 Power Strategies
Auto Adaptive enables high efficiency and high-quality operation as necessary for ideal equipment protection
Max Efficiency favors economy operation with high 95% efficiency
Max Quality favors on-line double-conversion mode, maintaining +/-2% output voltage regulation and zero transfer time
Frequency Regulation and Frequency Conversion enable +/-0.05 Hz output regulation for selected frequency (50/60 Hz)

Reliable, Expandable Battery Backup
Supports half load for 11.7 min. and full load for 4.3 min.
Add external battery packs for extra runtime
“Smart” battery packs, such as Tripp Lite’s BP48V27-2US, are automatically sensed and configured during replacement
Full capacity available with and without external battery packs
Battery-independent restart ensures automatic power-up after lengthy power outages

Highly Customizable
Customize communications and behavior to integrate with device makers’ specific needs
Selectable auto-restart from 0 to 60 sec. after AC power is restored
Selectable minimum battery charge level before auto-restart
Schedule system reboot if USB signal from connected device is lost
Set overload thresholds and low battery levels for alert and shutdown
Remote on/off support via DB9

ENERGY STAR Certification
Saves money and energy and protects environment by meeting strict EPA efficiency guidelines

Network Management Card Options / USB & Serial Ports
Compatible Tripp Lite UPS management card options WEBCARDLX and SNMPWEBCARD support a wide variety of UPS control and monitoring capabilities
USB & Serial ports enable data-saving unattended shutdown when used with Tripp Lite's PowerAlert software, available via FREE download from
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