Sandstorm for SG 550 - 24 MOS

Producător: Sophos
Cod produs: SHSS552CSAA
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 63.623,35 RON
Fără TVA: 53.465,00 RON

Seamless integration with your Sophos security solution, Up and running in minutes, Protects against ransomware APTs, unknown malware, and targeted attacks, Threat intelligence you can act on, Deep learning analysis, Granular, incidentcentric reports Advanced protection from targeted attacks, Keep ransomware and unknown data-stealing malware off your network. Powerful, cloudbased, next-generation sandbox technology and deep learning analysis means you quickly and accurately detect, block, and respond to APTs and zero-day threats. We keep it simple Sophos Sandstorm is fully integrated into your Sophos security solution. Simply update your subscription, apply the Sandstorm policy and you’re protected instantly against targeted attacks. You'll be up and running in minutes. Block evasive threats that others don’t see Detect ransomware and unknown threats specifically designed to evade first-generation sandbox appliances. Our full-system emulation approach provides the deepest level of visibility into the behavior of unknown malware and the detection of malicious attacks that others simply miss. Deep forensic reporting Accelerate response to advanced threats with simple incident-centric breach analysis. We provide you with prioritized APT intelligence by correlating the evidence. This approach both reduces noise and saves you time. Lightning performance Your Sophos security solution accurately pre-filters traffic, so only suspicious files are submitted to Sandstorm, ensuring minimal latency and end user impact. Next-generation advanced threat defense made simple Sophos Sandstorm uses next-gen, cloud-sandbox technology to give your organization an extra layer of security against ransomware and targeted attacks. The only network sandbox to use deep learning analysis for more effective detection, it integrates with Sophos XG Firewall, Sophos UTM, Sophos Email Appliance, and Sophos Web Appliance — no additional hardware required. And it’s great value for money. You get all the benefits of enterprise-grade protection without the enterprise price tag. Sophos Sandstorm Sophos Sandstorm Features Ì Full integration into your Sophos security solution dashboard Ì Inspects executables and documents containing executable content  Windows executables (including .exe, .com, and .dll)  Word documents (including .doc, .docx, docm and .rtf)  PDF documents  Archives containing any of the file types listed above (ZIP, BZIP, GZIP, RAR, TAR, LHA/LZH, 7Z, Microsoft Cabinet)  Supports more than 20 file types The Sophos security solution scans files against all conventional security checks (e.g., anti-malware signatures, bad URLs, etc.). If the file is executable or has executable content and is not downloaded from a safe website, the file is treated as suspicious. The Sophos security solution sends the suspicious file hash to Sophos Sandstorm to determine if it has been previously analyzed. 2. If the file hash has been previously analyzed, Sophos Sandstorm passes the threat intelligence to the Sophos security solution. Here, the file is delivered to the user’s device or blocked, depending on the information provided by Sophos Sandstorm. 3. If the hash has not been seen before, a copy of the suspicious file is sent to Sophos Sandstorm. Here, the file is detonated and its behavior is monitored. Once fully analyzed, Sophos Sandstorm passes the threat intelligence to the Sophos security solution. Again, the file is delivered to the user’s device or blocked, depending on the information provided by Sophos Sandstorm. 4. The Sophos security solution uses the detailed intelligence supplied by Sophos Sandstorm to create deep forensic reports on each threat incident. 

How it Works - Dynamic malware behavior analysis and deep learning runs files in real environments Ì In-depth malicious file reports and dashboard file release capability  Average analysis time less than 120 seconds  Flexible user and group policy options on file type, exclusions, and actions on analysis  Supports one-time download links Try it now for free Register for a free 30-day evaluation at Determine Behavior Suspect Control Report 1 3 2 4 Cloud