UPS 3000VA, 3U rack/tower mount SmartOnl

Producător: Tripp Lite
Cod produs: TLSUINT3000RTXL3U
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 7.254,10 RON
Fără TVA: 6.095,88 RON
Descriere:SmartOnline 200-240V 3kVA 2.4kW On-Line Double-Conversion UPS, Extended Run, SNMP, Webcard, 3U Rack/Tower, USB, DB9 Serial
Model Number: SUINT3000RTXL3U

3000VA / 3kVA / 2400 watt online, double conversion 3U rack / tower UPS
200/220/230/240V 50/60Hz output
Expandable runtime; Hot-swap batteries; 19.8 in / 50.3cm installed depth
RS232 & EPO ports; support for SNMP/WEB card options
Front panel status LEDs with detailed load and battery metering
2 independently switchable output load banks
C20 inlet, C13 & C19 outlets, 1 C19 to C20 and 2 C13 to C14 power cables included

Output Capacity Details Supports up to 105% load continuously in double conversion mode, 106 to 125% for 1 minute, 126% to 150% for 30 seconds; Loads over 150% trigger immediate bypass mode operation to support loads directly from mains power
Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) 3000
Output kVA Capacity (kVA) 3
Output Watt Capacity (Watts) 2400
Output kW Capacity (kW) 2.4
Power Factor 0.8
Crest Factor 3:1
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported 200V; 220V; 230V; 240V
Nominal Voltage Details 230V default
Frequency Compatibility 50 / 60 Hz
Frequency Compatibility Details Output frequency matches input nominal on startup, defaults to 50 Hz on cold-start
Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode) +/- 2%
Output Voltage Regulation (Economy Line Mode) +/- 10%
Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) +/- 2%
Output Receptacles (8) C13; (2) C19
Included Output Power Cables Includes 1 C19 to C20 and 2 C13 to C14 output power cables
Load Management Receptacles Two switchable four-outlet C13 load banks
Output Circuit Breakers 10A (x2) each breaker protects 4 C13 outlets, C19 is unbreakered
Hot-Swap PDU options PDUBHV20 (2U / 6 C13, 2 C19 outlets)
Output AC Waveform (AC Mode) Pure Sine wave
Output AC Waveform (Battery Mode) Pure Sine wave
Rated input current (Maximum Load) 14.9A (200V),14.3A (208V). 13.1A (220V), 12.6A (230V), 12.1A (240V)
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 200V AC; 220V AC; 230V AC; 240V AC
UPS Input Connection Type C20 inlet
UPS Input Connection Description Supports a variety of user supplied input power cables
Input Circuit Breakers 25A
Input Phase Single-Phase
Full Load Runtime (min.) 5 min. (2400w)
Half Load Runtime (min.) 14 min. (1200w)
Expandable Battery Runtime Supports extended runtime with optional external battery packs
External Battery Pack Compatibility BP72V15-2U (limit 1); BP72V28RT-3U (multi-pack compatible); BP72V18-2US (multi-pack compatible)
DC System Voltage (VDC) 72
Battery Recharge Rate (Included Batteries) Less than 6 hours from 10% to 80% (typical, full load discharge)
Internal UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC53 (quantity 2)
Battery Access Front panel battery access door
Battery Replacement Description Hot-swappable, user replaceable batteries
Voltage Regulation Description Online, double-conversion power conditioning
Overvoltage Correction 2% output voltage regulation during overvoltages to 275
Undervoltage Correction 2% output voltage regulation during undervoltages to 156
Severe Undervoltage Correction 2% output voltage regulation during undervoltages to 130 (under 70% load only)
Switches 2 Switches control off/on power status and alarm-cancel/self-test operation
Alarm Cancel Operation Power-fail alarm can be silenced using alarm-cancel switch
Audible Alarm Audible alarm indicates UPS startup, power-failure, low-battery, overload, UPS fault and remote shutdown conditions
LED Indicators 14 LEDs indicate line power, online mode, economy/bypass mode, on-battery, overload, battery low, replace battery and fault status information; 4-LED meter displays load and battery charge levels; LED panel rotates for viewing in rack/tower formats
UPS AC Suppression Joule Rating 480
UPS AC Suppression Response Time Instantaneous
EMI / RFI AC Noise Suppression Yes
Included Mounting Accessory Description 4 post rackmount installation accessories included

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