Producător: Siemon
Cod produs: SMZM6AS15M02
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Fără TVA: 45,86 RON
Category 6A
The Z-MAX patch cord is a primary driver of the Z-MAX system's exceptional performance. The Z-MAX smart plug design features a printed circuit board (PCB), normally only found in outlets, to achieve high performance tuning. The PCB also allows the incorporation of advanced contact technology to provide decreased variability and greater reliability over traditional crimp-type plugs.

Combined with fully shielded alien crosstalk resistant cable construction and a host of innovative, user-friendly features, the shielded Z-MAX 6A modular cords are the ultimate category 6A cord.

Stranded modular cords feature category 7A S/FTP stranded cable for optimal transmission performance while effectively eliminating alien crosstalk
Boots feature an ultra slim design and integral latch guard for high-density applications and snag resistance when pulling through pathways or managers
Internal -PCB based rear contacts eliminate pair splitting and crossing to maintain cable pair geometry
Patented PCB-based smart plug optimizes signal tuning for consistent, exceptional transmission performance
Front contacts are preterminated to the -PCB, eliminating variable contact heights due to crimping
Fixed-position front contacts ensure plug quality and consistent mating with outlets
360 degree shield coverage for exceptional shielding effectiveness
Terminating pairs to the rear contacts on the PCB reduces the amount of pair untwisting, improving performance and consistency
Part of the Category 6A Shielded Z-MAX cabling system.


Excellent Bend Relief
Excellent Bend Relief
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Boot ensures proper bend relief, critical for category 6A performance
Colored Clips
Colored Clips
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Removable clips allow field color coding even when cords are connected
Solid Cord Option
Solid Cord Option
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Solid F/UTP assemblies are available for consolidation point and equipment cord applications


Standards Compliance

ISO/IEC 11801 Ed 2.2
IEEE 802.3an (10Gbase-T)
IEEE 802.3af (PoE)
IEEE 802.3at (PoE+)
IEC 60603-7
UL 1863 and CSA-C22.2 No. 182.4-M90
IEC 60332-1 (LSOH)
IEC 60754 (LSOH)
IEC 61034 (LSOH)
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