Cat6Plus 23 AWG F/FTP 4 Pair LSF/OH IEC 332.1 Sheathed Violet RAL 4005 Cable

Producător: Brand-Rex
Cod produs: BCC6FFTPHF1500VT
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 1.742,59 RON
Fără TVA: 1.464,36 RON
Constructie:Conductor: 23 AWG Plain Annealed Copper Wire
Insulation: Cellular Polyolefin
Diameter: 1.45mm Nominal
Pair: 2 of the above cores
Tape Screen: Individual pair wrapped with aluminium polyester tape applied metal side out
Pair Colour: Blue-White, Orange-White, Green-White, Brown-White
Invelisul exterior:Cable: 4 of the above shielded pairs
Drainwire: Tinned Annealed Copper Wire
Tape Screen: Wrapped with aluminium polyester tape, applied metal side in
Sheath: PVC or LSHF compound
Greutatea cablului:56 Kg/Km
Valoare calorica:0.15 kWh/m
Diametrul exterior:7.35 mm
Siguranta la foc:IEC 60332-1-2
Garantie :12 Luni