Cablu FO-SM 12 fibre Universal

Producător: Brand-Rex
Cod produs: BCHF008S12WRRLU4FT
Disponibilitate: În Stoc
Preţ: 5,19 RON
Fără TVA: 4,36 RON
Descriere:Glass Yarn Armouring for Rodent Resistance
Rigid Glass Central Strength Member
Choice of Universal or External Sheath
2.10mm Gel Filled Loose Tube
For applications where protection from rodent
attack is required and a higher tensile load
is required, exists the universal mRR product
range offers rodent protection in the form
of glass roving armour which deters rodents
from chewing on optical cables. The product
range consists of multiple 2.10mm loose tubes
containing up to 4 fibres and solid fillers where
required, stranded around a rigid glass non
metallic central strength member. A layer
of water blocking tape provides interstitial
water blocking.
Garantie :12 Luni