Producător: Raisecom
Cod produs: RSISCOM2128GEAC
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 5.693,91 RON
Fără TVA: 4.784,80 RON
Descriere:L2 Manageable Full Gigabit Access Switch


The Raisecom ISCOM2100G (RC Datasheet ISCOM2110G(-PWR), ISCOM2128G(E-MA-PWR)) is a typical L2 access switch used to carry and aggregate various services in the access layer. It offers effective solutions for triple-play FTTX and EPL/EVPL situations thanks to its compliance with standards such as IEEE802.3ah, 802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731/SLA and ITU-T G.8032 (only for ISCOM2128G). It can coordinate with the ISCOM2924 series to form a ring network that efficiently aggregates services. Moreover, it supports versatile and robust interoperations with the ISCOM2100EA-MA series to achieve flexible network infrastructure thanks to the uniform L2 function module. In addition, the manageable ISCOM2100-PWR series Carrier Ethernet PoE switches can provide 8-24 PSE+ Fast Ethernet downlink access interfaces (up to 30 Watts per port) with 2/4 x Gigabit combo uplinks. The ISCCOM2100-PWR PoE switches can offer a power supply for power demand (PD) devices such as wireless Access Point (AP).
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