SG 115 Email Protection - 24 MOS

Producător: Sophos
Cod produs: SHEM1B2CSAA
Disponibilitate: Stoc Furnizor
Preţ: 2.196,74 RON
Fără TVA: 1.846,00 RON

Secure your email from spam, phishing and data loss Secure your email gateway with Sophos UTM and get simple yet powerful protection from spam and phishing attacks. And you can protect your sensitive emails from data loss with our built-in DLP and encryption. Our intuitive browser-based interface with built-in reporting on all models make it easy to manage your mail protection.

Highlights: Advanced multilayer spam detection techniques, Detects the latest phishing URLs within emails, Dual-engine Live Antivirus with deep scanning of attachments, Unique SPX encryption with integrated DLP policy, UserPortal lets users manage spam and supports 15 languages, Hardware, virtualized, software or cloud-based appliance

Quick and easy data protection and encryption Our wizard-based DLP rules and policy-based SPX encryption make email data protection simple—preventing costly data loss incidents. Utilize hundreds of built-in sensitive data types to quickly and easily build DLP policies. Block messages containing sensitive data or encrypt them before they even leave your network. Our patent-pending simple SPX Encryption requires no changes to user workflow. And it doesn’t require any kind of key management or additional software. Keep your inboxes free of spam Our anti-spam engine filters incoming mail across dozens of languages using a variety of methods. Our processes include reputation filtering, outbreak monitoring, content scanning, URL filtering, recipient verification and more. It will block 90% of spam at the SMTP transaction layer before it consumes any resources for maximum efficiency. Block malware, phishing attacks and unwanted content Our sophisticated email filtering protects users from the latest identity theft, password and banking scams and other incidents by looking for suspicious content, attachments or URLs. You can also block unwanted content using MIME type and extension filters. We employ dual antivirus-scanning engines that constantly update in real-time to detect the latest threats. Simplify mail management Reduce your workload with our streamlined management tools and self-serve quarantine. Simplify your policy and configuration by taking advantage of Active Directory and eDirectory integration, automatically syncing users and groups. Or take advantage of over 50 integrated reports with automated scheduling to keep stakeholders informed.

Sophos SPX Encryption Unique push email encryption ideal for users that don’t have a trusted encryption solution. Uses a simple password-encrypted PDF container. No key management required. Recipients can set their own password for the ultimate in convenience and usability. TLS (Transport Layer Security) Standard gateway-to-gateway message encryption based on SSL that uses public key encryption (PKI) S/MIME Standard end-to-end email encryption based on X.509v3 certificates provided by a trusted authority. OpenPGP End-to-end email encryption that relies on a web-of-trust for key exchange. UTM Email Encryption options With Sophos UTM you have a variety of email encryption options to choose from. And none of them require client software. Choose how to deploy You can choose to install on your platform of choice: hardware, software, virtual or even in the cloud. Common Criteria certified Sophos UTM Certifications.