SafeStick, the original secure USB drive is a BlockMaster innovation.

SafeStick provides mandatory password protection and automatic hardware encryption of all stored data. SafeStick drives are manageable world-wide on an enterprise scale with the lightweight SafeConsole management software offering full control, remote life-cycle management and device enhancement such as remote password recovery, customised password policy, audit for compliance, portable authentication tokens, productivity tools.

A switch to SafeStick stops the proliferation of unsecure, unmanaged and infectious USB storage drives. SafeStick provides the power to enforce policies, uphold security and stay productive.

Switch to managed, secure USB drives
Start protecting your data
SafeStick encrypts and password protects your portable data

SafeStick is a secure USB flash drive that instantly protects all stored data automatically with hardware encryption and a strong password. You plug SafeStick in and set your own password. This strong password is then the only thing that can give access to the data you store on SafeStick (password management is available with SafeConsole).

Why Choose SafeStick?

There are many good reasons for using SafeStick as your secure USB flash drive solution.

– Instantly secure data with always-on automatic hardware AES256 CBC encryption.
– Easy-to-work-with, easy-to-set-up, flexible self-service deployment for organizations.
– Strong, tough, built-to-last metal exterior.
– Fastest startup times and the best flash storage components.
– Locks down if left behind, using an adjustable timer lock.
– Manageable on an enterprise scale with SafeConsole, offering remote password resets, remote kills of rogue drives and much more.

SafeStick SuperSonic Edition – World's Fastest USB Flash Drive. Secure

SuperSonic shares all the proven security features of the standard edition and is a technological breakthrough that takes USB speed to the max.
AES256 hardware encryption has never before pushed the limits like this. This move is designed to support the huge growth in rich media files, such as images and videos, being transferred onto USB flash drives for business use.

Combining military-grade encryption with plug and play simplicity, BlockMaster's SafeStick is the smallest, fastest and most secure USB drive in the world.
Password-protected and capable of securing up to 64GB of data, you can eliminate risk and get your business critical information locked, loaded and on-the-move in seconds.

SafeConsole lets you manage and control your secure USB drives.

SafeConsole enforces full USB management control over an organization's SafeConsoleReady secure flash drives.
With SafeConsole you can enable specific extended features, configure password policies, remotely reset passwords, activate audit for compliance and much more.
The SafeConsole server software is accessed through a Web browser and can optionally reflect the corporate directory or organizational unit structure.
Each managed SafeConsoleReady Device securely connects over the Web to the SafeConsole server for configuration updates set to its specific assigned group.

Why Manage Your USB Drives With SafeConsole?

– Instantly gain complete and granular control over all your SafeConsoleReady drives.
– Quickly enforce organization-specific password, usage and storage policies.
– Remote password reset with a secure challenge-response procedure brings back the locked-down encrypted data that has been stored by the user.
– Feature rich, with lots of productivity tools and two-in-one features such as a Certificate Carrier and portable application delivery.
– Rapid deployment with an all-in-one installation that has the power to serve 100,000+ SafeConsoleReady Device deployments. No extra licenses for databases or certificate management are needed, and the server requirements are low.
– Easy and flexible user self-service rollout of SafeStick. Just plug in and work.