Avira, a company with around 100 million customers and 300 employees is a worldwide leading supplier of self-developed security solutions for professional and private use. With more than 25 years of experience, the company is one of the pioneers in this field..

Ten reasons ... why your business is better protected with Avira.

Avira. 10 times better.
Every year thousands of new viruses come into circulation, damage caused by Internet criminality runs into billions worldwide. This is one good reason why you should protect against viruses.
Here are ten good reasons why it is best to rely on Avira. Avira's security solutions protects over 70 million users worldwide – from consumers to large enterprise customers. We have a security concept, which is ten times better, for you and your business.

1. Excellent detection rate
The detection rate of Avira AntiVir has reached the top position – and it has maintained this position for two years. This success is based on inhouse virus labs, where excellent virus researchers develop highly efficient concepts and methods for malware detection.
But we have more to offer than mere detection, Avira also provides its users with repair tools that effectively eliminate growing infections.

2. Reliable heuristic
The excellent detection rates are guaranteed using technology that Avira has developed and optimized: the AHeAD technology, an innovation for the heuristic detection and defense of potential threats.

3. Low memory consumption
As a rule, the bigger and more extensive a virus detection pattern database is, the better the virus detection is – but this could be detrimental for the computer's performance.
Avira demonstrates that both things are compatible by using sophisticated algorithms.

4. Maximum security
Uninterrupted updates are the most crucial thing in the anti-virus field. But, even if the end-user does not update his security solution automatically at hourly intervals, he is still safe with Avira.
Thanks to the first-class heuristics of the Avira AntiVir AHeAD technology, the security level does not decrease noticeably. Avira provides up to 50 incremental detection pattern updates per day and takes a leading position with this high update frequency among its competitors.

5. Everlasting pioneering spirit
It was already in the eighties that the founder of Avira, Tjark Auerbach, begun hunting viruses. Today, a total of 180 employees in Germany and over 250 worldwide, help him to make the (IT) world safer. The pioneering spirit of the eighties has never dropped away at any time: Avira was one of the first providers worldwide to include security solutions for Unix in its portfolio and Avira for SAP Net-Weaver.
Avira offers a comprehensive security solution that protects businesses against viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, ad/spyware, dialers and other malware. Independent tests confirm the constantly high detection performance of the engine on a regular basis and furthermore, the performance is independently tested by the TÜV.

6. Unique product range
Dealing with different customer scenarios is something we particularly like at Avira. Our range of reliable security solutions for small, medium-sized and large-scale enterprises is extensive. Our portfolio encompasses individual solutions for file, proxy and mail server and comprehensive all-round solutions for Linux and Windows: The Avira products are just as individual as the customer's security demands.
Avira's experience and expertise in deployment of solutions for large-scale enterprises benefits many thousands of users in network environments: The Avira email and proxy server protection reliably and accurately scans several million incoming emails for viruses per month, spam is filtered out for thousands of employee's Internet access and professionally protected against viruses.

7. Good price/performance ratio
Besides providing the best possible protection, a fair license model and a clear price strategy have high priority at Avira. New innovative features are passed on without additional charges to the customer with every software update.
Avira does not stop at providing products for the diverse demands businesses have but also has a comprehensive range of security packages. The Avira bundles eliminate all relevant vulnerabilities – with savings of up to 40 percent. Schools, universities and public institutions can also benefit from individual packages.
Besides price advantages and maximum security, the Avira bundles also provide ease of administration with the Avira Security Management Center (SMC). The SMC gives the administrator the tools to manage thousands of PCs from a central computer. All processes can be comfortably monitored and controlled from one position, which reduces the operating costs.

8. Individual support
Avira's business security solutions have one primary goal: smooth business operation. To guarantee this, the Avira experts do not only work in the virus lab but also in the support. The customers have real experts at their disposal and no external support service providers.
The Avira software is supplied with a 2-week Basic Support contract. During this time, the Avira experts can provide the customers with installation support. Customers, who are seeking more sophisticated support, can purchase the Avira Gold or Platinum Support. The last one offers the maximum all-round protection including a 24 hour emergency hotline.

9. Long-term security
Customers, who have protection from Avira, are making a future investment. Avira is already working on the protection against possible threats that could appear in the future. Avira is one of the few businesses that can resort to over 20 years of experience in the security industry.
Avira will still be at the customer's disposal for the next twenty years to come thanks to its in-house research and development. With individual solutions – independent, reliable and competent.

10. Satisfied customers
"The toughest test software must pass" is not reflected in an IT specialist magazine,
but in everyday life.
The best test result are satisfied customers.

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