Founded in 1989 and set up in Taiwan, ZyXEL is the leading provider of complete broadband access solutions for service providers, businesses and home users.
ZyXEL solutions boast the latest, hottest networking features such as Triple Play, Quality of Service (QoS), Network Security and Network Management.

Both corporate and home users can take advantage of ZyXEL products and services to enjoy high quality, versatile media applications in a secure and manageable networking environment.
Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions ranging from DSL customer premise equipment, central office equipment, Internet security appliances, switches, WLAN equipment, network-attached storage and centralized network management systems.

ZyXEL Product Lines

ZyXEL switch solutions offer premium equipments with high reliability and performance by profound knowledge in telco-class equipments.

The ZyXEL switch solutions have mission-oriented design and a complete product portfolio to offer the best-fit solutions for customers.

The ZyXEL Home Router Series has the power to elevate your enjoyment level of real-time, simultaneous multimedia applications such as HD video streaming, gaming or Web surfing. With the user-friendly design and green features, ZyXEL's routers make it easy for you to access the Internet as well as to have the optimized multimedia streaming experience anywhere in an eco-friendly way.

Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN has become a favorable choice and proved to be a stable solution when SB/SMBs decide to deploy mobile connectivity.

ZyXEL sees stability and innovative structure as the major value indicator of its offerings and thus provides businesses with scalable and feature-rich Wireless LAN solutions.

Fiber Access
ZyXEL's Fiber Access solution provides versatile fiber connectivity for service providers according to the deployment requirements. Service providers can highly optimize and integrate various FTTx applications with the freedom to deploy services easily on GPON, GEPON, Active Fiber solutions with OLT, ONU/ONT and active fiber gateways.

Based on the IEEE 802.16e global standard, the Mobile WiMAX technology leads a new revolution of wireless communications providing high-speed mobile access with wide coverage. ZyXEL has unparalleled expertise with strong experiences on IOT (Interoperability Teams) to fulfill demands of leading WiMAX service providers by offering 802.16e CPE for diversified businesses, residentials and vertical applications.

Integrated Service Gateways
The ZyXEL Integrated Service Gateway Solutions are designed to support small and medium-sized businesses and even remote offices of enterprises with IP telephony, Firewall, VPN and routing services.
With innovative integration of security and communications features, IT managers are relieved from worrying about configurations and interoperability among various devices.

Network Management
The ZyXEL Enterprise Network Center (ENC) is a network management system for centralized management of ZyXEL networking equipment for businesses.
Featuring intelligent discovery, ingenious monitoring and smart management, the ZyXEL ENC assists IT staff to minimize overheads and errors while improving operational efficiency.

ZyXEL's ZyWALL Security solutions provide powerful real-time protection that ensures service continuity, best CP performance and improves network control.
The ZyXEL ZyWALL Security safeguards your organization's customer and company records, intellectual property and critical resources from external and internal threats that vary from minute to minute.

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