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Today's data networks are a vital foundation to successful business performance and, for many companies, IT infrastructure will be one of the most expensive assets. This investment can only provide the intended payback if it delivers the level of performance that it was designed to achieve.

Behind the complex data processing electronics that many associate with an IT network, sits a cabling system that is equally as important to performance. For almost four decades, Brand-Rex has been dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing the most sophisticated, secure and robust cable and connectivity solutions that carry today's high-speed data traffic.

Brand-Rex Business

Brand-Rex is a leading global supplier of structured cabling systems for data networks, and is a niche supplier of high performance cables for extreme environment applications.

Brand-Rex provides complete cabling systems that connect the IT equipment in our offices and datacentres – from patch cords and wall outlets seen in the office, to cable running under floors and above ceilings, to connectivity panels that interface with active equipment in the IT room. Within vast datacentres, hosting huge amounts of business-critical information, Brand-Rex offers industry-leading, high-speed and high-density solutions.

Brand-Rex also manufactures niche cables for applications where high temperature, abrasion and chemical resistance alongside size and weight limitations are particular challenges. These cables are found in marine, aerospace, rail, automotive and industrial applications

Brand-Rex Limited was established in 1972, in Glenrothes, Scotland, where the company's head office remains today.

The company's roots stretch back to the 1940's, when the original Brand-Rex Corporation was formed. With expertise in speciality and communications cables, the company then developed solutions for very early computer systems. This timely entry into the world of data communication was to form the foundations for today's core business.

Brand-Rex now has a turnover of around £80 Million and employs 400 staff. It has 14 global offices and a presence in over 45 countries worldwide, while in Western Europe it is recognised as the number 2 player, with a market share of over 9%.

The core technologies provided by Brand-Rex include copper-based cabling systems, fibre optic cabling systems (including a unique air-blown fibre system) and an Intelligent Infrastructure & Management Solution that delivers full visibility and management capability to end user clients.

Brand-Rex solutions are delivered to market through a network of high-calibre service and installation partners. The company uses distribution specialists and an army of trained, accredited installers who ensure that the correct system solutions are deployed and installed every time. Their specialist attention is crucial in delivering our carefully calibrated performance to its true potential.

While the company delivers its systems through a strong partner network, it engages with end users and their consultants directly to ensure the best mutual understanding of needs and capabilities is achieved.

Brand-Rex has long been known for its high quality manufacturing capabilities. The recent investment program has taken this capability to a new dimension.

Brand-Rex has a heritage in cable manufacture. This in-house expertise in cable design, development and production demonstrates an expertise in a fundamental technology that only a few companies fully understand.

Whilst cable production in Europe has diminished in recent years, as some manufacturers have moved to Asia, Brand-Rex has declared a commitment to maintaining cable production within the UK. The benefits of having a manufacturing capability in the heart of Europe include:

• Faster deliveries
• Late customisation capabilities
• More product variations

To enable the company to compete on the global stage, against manufacturers in lower cost countries, Brand-Rex has invested £10 million in the creation of a new data cabling factory at the Glenrothes site, with greatly increased output and efficiency. The investment program was completed in 2007 and the result is a factory that can rival any in the world.

This manufacturing facility and the 'Speciality Cable' plant at Leigh, near Manchester, both hold ISO 9001:2000 quality certification and environment accreditation to ISO:14000.

Structured Cabling Systems Catalog