Tornado partner network

Our vision on partnership implies a long term relationship, constant development and finding new opportunities to benefit from together with our partners.

Tornado is the favorite partner and no. 1 distributor for its resellers. We are constantly expanding the service portfolio in the sense of increasing our resellers competencies. 

According to the recurrently customer satisfaction surveys carried out by Tornado, the company is described by its resellers as “a company helping me to develop my business”. 

At present, Tornado aims to expand the distribution and partner network, seeking for new companies which intend to develop a business in this field. 

The partnership relation is considering the following activities: 

- direct sale of the products and solutions distributed by Tornado
- providing service for products and solutions offered by the company

The benefits for our partners

Joining Tornado partner network, your will benfit from:

Balanced portfolio of products and professional services
Relationship with leading, strategic suppliers
Dedicated, professional, client-oriented team
Professional consultants & product specialists
Certifications acknowledged at international level
Efficient marketing platform – Always up to date!
eTornado – innovative e-commerce B2B platform
Competitive and attractive pricing strategy
Integrated logistics services: fast deliveries anytime, anywhere