2007: Tornado integrates logistics operations. Boxcom, Giurgiu Logistics Center becomes part of Tornado Romania. 

2007: TWISTER franchise is launched, an innovating IT retail system, offering an original and unique concept store. 
           The franchise is operated by Goodwill Enterprise, part of Tornado Group. 

2006: Tornado is launching SENTRIQ program – a national program for IT&C projects. 

2005: SAP integrated information system is implemented in most of the companies of Tornado Group. 

2004: The company launched Kinetix, its own PC assembling line.

2003: SENTRIQ Training Center is opened. Tornado becomes authorized training partner for most of its suppliers. 

2003: The company implements a nationwide 24h door-to-door delivery system.

2002: Tornado is developing TWISTER Program – a nationwide IT retail marketing concept dedicated to the company’s partners.

The company is launching QUBS – its own brand of networking equipment at CEBIT, Hanovra. 

2001: Tornado acquires ISO 9002 certification. 

1999: Boxcom company is founded in Giurgiu – a logistic center serving both Tornado Romania and Tornado Bulgaria. 

1999: Tornado is expanding its activity on the Bulgarian market by opening a subsidiary in Sofia. 

1997: Bucharest office is opened, soon to become the headquarters of the company. ERP MFG/PRO system is implemented. 

1995: Tornado is organizing the first Netwell edition – a session of seminaries and conferences dedicated to communication technologies, 
           currently the most important and well-known event in IT&C domain. 

1991: The company is founded in Constanta by a team of 5 enthusiastic people. At the beginning it was known , as a key player on the networking market,
           offering a large portfolio of products and solutions,as well as instalation, training and consultancy services in the field of computer networking.
           Year by year, the company added new business lines.