Pelco, Inc. by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of next-generation video and security systems. Renowned for product innovation and technological advancement, Pelco systems are trusted to protect the world's most treasured landmarks, watch over our cities and secure the businesses that drive our world's economy.

From the design and development of cutting-edge HD Video Management and Camera Systems to the industry's most complete array of IP, Hybrid and Analog technologies, Pelco systems have and continue to set the benchmark for video security excellence. And bringing these systems to market is a global team of engineers, marketing professionals, business and product development managers and more. To help drive our product innovation and market growth, we are constantly looking for the best of the best to join our team. If you are looking for a challenging and inspiring work environment; if you are looking to work with leaders in their fields; and if you are looking to make a difference in people's lives, Pelco just may be the place for you.

Pelco IP Camera Solutions

Sarix Megapixel Camera Systems
Pelco created the Sarix technology platform with one goal in mind: putting actionable information into the hands of security professionals. Pelco has accomplished this by designing a versatile network-based imaging platform that can adapt quickly to new technology.
And now, SureVision technology, exclusive to Sarix cameras, combines Wide Dynamic Range along with Low Light and Anti-Bloom capabilities into one highly intelligent technology, delivering the best possible image in the most complex lighting conditions.

Spectra Dome Positioning Systems
The most popular positioning system the video security industry has ever known is taking performance to a new level with Spectra HD. Incorporating the award-winning Sarix technology platform, Spectra HD delivers 960p resolution, built-in analytics with optional expansion package, 18x optical/10x digital zoom, USB expansion slots and, of course, 360° continuous pan rotation for the precision and control you demand. You can also choose from Spectra IV IP, SE and SL models as well as Spectra Mini. When it comes to dome positioning systems, Spectra is the ideal choice for any application.

Specialty Camera Systems
With the introduction of the Sarix TI thermal imaging camera, Pelco offers the most complete line of specialty camera systems specifically designed for security applications. Engineered for the harshest environments and the most sensitive applications, these camera systems have been tested, certified and are guaranteed to withstand whatever you throw at them. Look no further for a revolutionary advance in video system capabilities and performance.

Camclosure 2 Integrated Camera System
The all-new Camclosure 2 Series integrated camera system features Super Dynamic Five (SD5®) image technology, delivering unmatched performance and reliability at a remarkably affordable price. With a choice of high-resolution Color CCD cameras built into a reliable, easy-to-install system, Camclosure 2 will undoubtedly be your video security camera system of choice.


IP Video Security Guide
0.5M IMS0 IP Mini Indoor Fixed Dome 1.3M IM10 IP Mini Indoor Fixed Dome
0.5M IMS0-E Env. IP Mini Fixed Dome 1.3M IM10-E Env. IP Mini Fixed Dome
0.5M IMS0-V Vandal IP Mini Fixed Dome 1.3M IM10-V Vandal IP Mini Fixed Dome
0.5M IDS0 IP Indoor Fixed Dome 1.3M EP IDE10 IP Indoor Fixed Dome
1.3M ID10 IP Indoor Fixed Dome 2.1M EP IDE20 IP Indoor Fixed Dome
3.1M ID30 IP Indoor Fixed Dome  
0.5M IES0 IP Rugged Fixed Dome 1.3M EP IEE10 IP Rugged Fixed Dome
1.3M IE10 IP Rugged Fixed Dome 2.1M EP IEE20 IP Rugged Fixed Dome
3.1M IE30 IP Rugged Fixed Dome  
0.5M IXS0 IP Box Camera 1.3M EP IXE10 IP Box Camera
1.3M IX10 IP Box Camera 2.1M EP IXE20 IP Box Camera
3.1M IX30 IP Box Camera  
13VD Series Varifocal Lens 13M Series Megapixel Varifocal Lens
Spectra IV High-Speed PTZ Cameras Spectra IV HD High-Speed PTZ Cameras
Spectra IV SE Horizon Series Dome Systems