LANDesk provides systems management, security management, service management, asset management, and process management solutions.
LANDesk helps IT departments to reduce costs, risk, and increase productivity; continually aligning IT to deliver business value. LANDesk customer-focused solutions are based on a single console, lightweight infrastructure, ITIL-based automation, and cross-platform support.

LANDesk Solutions
Systems LifeCycle Management - Take Control of All Your IT Assets

Systems lifecycle management solution from LANDesk is giving you control over your systems and devices whether you're in a private or public cloud.

LANDesk Management Suite
LANDesk Application Virtualization
LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance
LANDesk Patch Manager

Endpoint Security Management - Discover, Manage, Update and Protect

Give your endpoints integrated protection from a single, intuitive console that integrates multiple layers of world-class security. Enforce security policies on users and devices in the private or public cloud.
You'll be able to protect your endpoints while still performing your regular IT duties.

LANDesk Security Suite
LANDesk Antivirus
LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance
LANDesk Patch Manager
LANDesk Data Protection

IT Service Management - An Effective Way to Adopt Best Practices

Reducing costs and delivering outstanding IT support services to customers and employees is easy with LANDesk IT Service Management solutions.
The powerful process driven nature of LANDesk Service Desk gives you the control and consistency you need to constantly and continually deliver quality IT services. Its strong integration capabilities mean you can seamlessly integrate IT systems management or business systems with service management processes. LANDesk is certified on all 14 ITIL V3 processes for IT Service Management including incident, problem, change, and release.

LANDesk Service Desk
LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager
LANDesk Management Automation Platform

Cloud Solutions - Adaptive Cloud Environment

Would it surprise you to learn that LANDesk has been managing in the cloud for nearly a decade now, delivering genuine aspects of cloud management to organizations worldwide long before the cloud was cool?
LANDesk continues to press forward in the development of an Adaptive Cloud Environment (ACE) architecture that encompasses three primary layers:1) LANDesk Dynamic Services; 2) LANDesk Management Services; and 3) LANDesk Intelligent Endpoint-which we'll discuss briefly here.

LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance

LANDesk Management Suite 9 LANDesk Security Suite 9
LANDesk Power Manager LANDesk Patch Management 9
LANDesk Inventory Manager 9 LANDesk Antivirus 9
LANDesk Server Manager LANDesk Data Protection
LANDesk Process Manager LANDesk Host Intrusion Prevention
LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance LANDesk Service Desk
LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager LANDesk Configuration Manager